Counterfeits Notice

Only Buy from Authorized AudioQuest Dealers and Distributors

One of the unfortunate consequences of building a successful premium brand is the appearance of counterfeit products. AudioQuest is not immune to this problem. While we make every effort to combat counterfeiting, we continue to see various products being sold as "AudioQuest" that are NOT genuine.

These counterfeits DO NOT meet AudioQuest quality standards and in fact, often turn out to be nothing more than common hardware store-grade cables hidden beneath an attempt to match our braid patterns and plugs.

The persons most hurt by these phony offerings are our potential customers, who in good faith may make a purchase feeling that they have stumbled upon a "too-good-to-ignore" deal. Also hurt are those who, while realizing the cables aren’t genuine, hold hope that the cables are at least “close” in quality. Sadly, this is very rarely the case.

We advise customers to buy only from authorized AudioQuest dealers and distributors. AudioQuest cannot ensure the authenticity of any product purchased from an unauthorized AudioQuest dealer.

There are no authorized AudioQuest resellers on AliExpress.

AudioQuest can neither honor the warranties of products nor provide any level of support for products purchased through the following Marketplaces:

  • Newegg
  • Sears
  • Walmart

If purchasing from a marketplace such as Amazon or eBay, please verify that the seller is authorized.

To visit the official AudioQuest Amazon Store, click here.

To verify that a dealer is authorized to sell AudioQuest before purchasing, click here.

Think you purchased a counterfeit?

Complete the form below to authenticate your cable.

We Will Inspect Your Cable

The AudioQuest Authentication Process allows you to have your cable inspected if you believe you have purchased a counterfeit. This Web-based submittal process is available to all customers worldwide. The process is intended to help consumers identify counterfeits and to get the fake products out of the marketplace.

The only way for AudioQuest to authenticate a product is by physical inspection.

AudioQuest will not authenticate AudioQuest products from photos alone.

Terms & Conditions Any cable found to be an authentic AudioQuest cable will be returned to you at no cost.

Any cable found (or determined) by AudioQuest to be counterfeit will be destroyed at the authentication center. You will not be compensated in any way for a destroyed counterfeit cable.

By clicking submitting the form below, you agree and understand that if your cable is found to be counterfeit, AudioQuest will destroy the cable. Under no circumstances will a cable that is deemed counterfeit be returned. You will not be compensated in any way for a destroyed counterfeit cable.