Mythical Creatures

ThunderBird, FireBird, and Dragon are our best-sounding, most sonically transparent cables yet — category-defining products that establish new benchmarks of clarity, realism, and musical pleasure. Crafted with precision and passion, Mythical Creatures bring listeners closer than ever to our sonic ideal of completely invisible cable.



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Mystische Kreaturen

Experience the color and nuance that makes music so engaging, moving, and human.

Power Conditioners & Cables

Unlock your system's full potential with a complete Noise-Dissipation System.

Experience Mythical Creatures

Our select Mythical Experience partners are intimately familiar with our values and goals, fluent in our ideas and technologies, and well-equipped to present the full Mythical Creatures Experience in a world-class environment.

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Critical Praise for Mythical Creatures

“AudioQuest’s new Dragon is not only the most transparent and revealing interconnect I’ve heard, it’s also the most musically rewarding.”

Robert Harley

The Absolute Sound

“When we pay extra for better materials and more thorough and insightful engineering, we sometimes are rewarded not just with greater clarity but also with more intense, forceful, and naturally expressed sound. I had not fully grasped this before.”

Herb Reichert


“ThunderBird just puts you in the room — low ceilings, audience at fingertip distance from the band — in a way that’s so damn ‘right’ that you set aside critical audio listening and just enjoy the event.”

Alan Sircom


“ThunderBird ZERO joins a very small cadre of speaker cables that, in my opinion, demonstrate exemplary transparent sonic behavior and convey superb musicality all along the system chain."

Neil Gader

The Absolute Sound

“The AudioQuest FireBird interconnects had this almost regal air about them, as if this is as beautiful as the music gets and we should just listen and not ruin the moment with mere words.”

Marc Phillips

Part-time Audiophile

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