Niagara 5000 Internal

Low-Z Power | Noise-Dissipation System

Redefining the Science of Power Conditioning

AudioQuest Niagara 7000 Internal

  • High Current - AC Outlets (Schuko-EU, UK-13, NEMA-Edison type available)
    (4 outlets – 3 for UK model – power amplifiers, powered subwoofers, powered speakers)

  • Source Component - AC Outlets (8 outlets – analog – digital - video)
    6 isolated AC power outlet banks with 16 amp RMS average (@220-240VAC 50/60Hz) current capacity. These outlets utilize high spring-strength beryllium copper base metal with heavy silver-plated contacts. This assures far lower loss and distortion, while providing a superior means of draining radio frequency noise.

  • Ultra-Linear Differential / Common-Mode Filter
    Non-Sacrificial Surge Suppressor Over a third of low-level audio/video resolution can be masked or lost to induced radio frequency and AC noise. The Niagara filters are optimized for real-world impedance and cover an unprecedented range of over 21 octaves.

    Non-sacrificial surge protection and auto over-voltage shutdown means that your components be protected, AND the Niagara will also protects itself. Set and forget level protection.

  • Transient Power Correction
    From nimble, efficient Class-D to mammoth Class-A mono block power amplifiers, average (RMS) current draw can be modest (2 to 7 amps). However, wide dynamic range audio content can create very fast transient current demands …. as much as ten times that average. Our correction circuit bolsters and stabilizes the power supply of any power amplifier by providing a buffer and an instant current reservoir of up to 80 amps peak (20mS).

  • Ground-Noise Dissipation (patent #8,988,168)
    6 discrete circuits isolate, drain and absorb (through loss networks), the RF induced noise that masks audio and video signals. This is critical as the AC ground is directly connected to component circuit ground. Employed in concert with our Ultra-Linear filters and direction oriented, grain-controlled AudioQuest AC cables, this ensures the highest resolution and lowest distortion performance from your system components.