Our Never-Ending Quest

AudioQuest’s 42-year history of designing and refining analog interconnects has been a long, steady climb up a mountain, the summit of which can never be reached…

But with each step, we have arrived at cleaner, clearer, more naturally detailed and beautiful sound. For the most part, improvements in performance have been incremental — small steps, always in the right direction — but, just a few times along our 42-year path, new materials and/or technologies have brought so much improvement that it’s as though we took a chairlift to at least the next base station.

The Mythical Creature interconnects are that important.

Optimized Performance and  Flexibility

For over 40 years, AudioQuest’s interconnects have been Double-Balanced (RCA) or Triple-Balanced (XLR) to prevent the shield from being used as an inferior ground-reference conductor.

The Mythical Creature Interconnects make the multiple discrete signal and ground-reference paths externally visible for the first time — but that is not new technology. It is because the more complicated and optimized implementation of ZERO-Tech would have made the cables stiff and unfriendly if all hidden in a single round jacket.

The extra effort of creating multiple constructions results in some of the most flexible interconnects AudioQuest has ever made.

Where to Listen: Find a Mythical Experience Dealer

Mythical Creatures’ unprecedented RF Noise-Dissipation enables more fully realized tonal expression with more newly un-masked low-level detail revealed than ever before, more relaxing and stimulating at the same time, more palpable and engaging than previously possible.

Carbon/Graphene/Carbon Mesh-Network

Performance-damaging Radio-Frequency (RF) Noise is more pervasive today than ever before. Therefore, the Mythical Creature Interconnects apply more sophisticated Noise-Dissipation technologies than ever before.

In addition to AQ’s universally applied fundamental of controlling conductor direction to direct induced RF to where it will do the least harm, and ZERO-Tech, Mythical Creature Interconnects also employ a carbon & graphene resistive mesh-network, 72v DBS, and thickly Silver-Plated shield-drains (Dragon’s drains are 100% PSS-Silver), greatly minimizing RF Noise getting into active circuits and causing masking effects.

Most Important: The Existing Foundation

We are justifiably very proud of all the new and very significant ingredients applied in the Mythical Creature Interconnects. However, as with an amazing new skyscraper, the building is only as strong and effective as its foundation.

By 1981, AudioQuest was already making Double-Balanced cables using Teflon+Air dielectrics — even employing ZERO-Tech, though we didn’t understand at the time how to maximize the technology. Way back in the last century, direction-controlled conductors using then state-of-the-art metals, patented Air-HyperLitz conductors, and other materials and technologies paved the way to today’s Mythical interconnects.

In reference to the opening comment about climbing a mountain: we might never reach the mountain’s summit — perfect cable might never be possible — but we are very proud to be significantly closer than ever before.

As always, we invite you to listen for yourself, and we thank you for joining us on the journey.

Metal Quality Metal

Mythical Creatures use AudioQuest’s finest conductor metals: Solid Perfect-Surface Copper+ and Perfect-Surface Silver.

Directionality Geometry

AudioQuest’s ZERO-Tech ensures wide-bandwidth linearity, reduces dielectric-involvement, and improves Noise-Dissipation to unprecedented effect.

Dielectric Dielectric

FEP Air Tubes, with almost nothing but air around the solid conductors, improve focus and dynamics.

Noise-Dissipation Noise-Dissipation

Features include superior RF drains, Graphene/Carbon Mesh-Network, RF-draining plug barrels, and 72v Dielectric-Bias System.

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ThunderBird XLR & RCA Analog Interconnect
ThunderBird XLR & RCA
FireBird XLR & RCA Analog Interconnect
FireBird XLR & RCA
Dragon XLR & RCA Analog Interconnect
Dragon XLR & RCA

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