Computer Audio

In the last 10 years a revolution has swept over the way we listen to music. Compact discs once where the norm but today our music lives on our hard drives or in the cloud. Whether you listen to pristine 24-bit 192khz files or stream music via a subscription service such as MOG, Spotify, or Pandora one thing is certain- the Genie is out of the bottle and she's not going back in. Computer Audio is the now.

 Computer Audio Demystified

Computer audio is far simpler and more approachable then you might think. Computer Audio Demystified was written to help you get a handle in this new and exciting way to experience music in your home.

 Computer Audio Setup Guide

The computer audio setup guide is a quick and valuable tool to help you get your computer and your stereo system on speaking terms. Specifically written to get iTunes working, be it in an Apple or Windows world. Enjoy!