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River Interconnect Crimping Tool

HD Field Termination (HDFT) System

AudioQuest HDMI cables are the first choice for installers and their customers, providing low distortion and cost-effective high performance through superior materials, design and construction. AudioQuest’s HD Field Termination (HDFT) System supplies the specialized tools required to implement durable, high-quality terminations on custom-length cables in the field; including in-wall CL3- and FT4-rated cables. The HDFT Starter Kit ships in a durable travel case, and includes a Crimp Tool, a sturdy laminated HDFT Color Sequence diagram for properly mapping the twisted pairs of conductors, an easy-to-use termination block/jig, and a testing device to ensure termination integrity at both ends of the cable. Each Starter Kit comes with ten pairs of 28 AWG connectors and ten pairs of 24 AWG connectors.

To expand the Starter Kit to an HDFT System, AQ offers bulk cable in both 28AWG and 24AWG sizes, either by-the-foot or in 328-ft. spools, and the requisite connectors in bags of 20. Both HDFT System spool cables employ 2.5% silver-plated copper conductors, which offer many of the sonic performance benefits of pure silver conductors at a much lower cost.

All that’s needed to begin using the HDFT System are a few additional garden-variety tools that will already be in any installer’s toolbox. Precise step-by-step instructions are included in the HDFT Starter Kit instruction manual, and an instruction video, which is included with the HDFT Starter Kit on a DVD. Both the HDFT instruction manual and video can be found online at: