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Directionality: It's All About Noise

If you’ve ever wondered about the arrows on AudioQuest cables, read any of our educational materials, or merely followed any of the online chatter regarding our products, perhaps you’ve wondered what this “directionality” thing is all about. Click here to find out…


HDMI 4K Compatibility

As interest and enthusiasm in 4K technology continues to surge, many of our customers continue to have questions regarding cable compatibility. First and foremost among these questions is: Are AudioQuest HDMI cables 4K compliant? The answer, of course, is Yes. Click here to learn why…


Do No Harm!

Cable design is all about damage control. No Cable can make your system sound or look better, they can only cause damage to the original signal. AudioQuest’s perspective has always been to design cable that DO NO HARM!

Boom Box

It doesn’t take a state of the art system to hear the differences cables can make. AudioQuest’s Boom Box Demonstration proves that regardless of the system, everything makes a difference.


Dielectric-Bias System is a revolutionary technology that reduces the interaction between the conductor and the insulation that surrounds it. Find out more about DBS.

HDMI Demystified

Revised edition coming soon.

Noise Dissipation System

100% ground coverage isn’t anything special, but keeping that noise from entering your system is! Find out how Noise-Dissipation System reduces unwanted RF energy from polluting your system.

Understanding BiWiring

Many of today’s speakers can be “BiWired”, meaning the speaker has separate inputs for the woofer and separate inputs for the higher frequencies. Should you BiWire? If so, should you BiWire with a single cable (Single BiWire/SBW) or with two separate cables (Double BiWire/DBW)?

Is BiWiring so important that you should spend twice as much on speaker cable? BiWiring is actually a way to get higher performance for the same expenditure. The BiWiring question is not about how much money to spend, but how to maximize performance and value.

Computer Audio Setup Guide

Getting your computer on speaking terms with your A/V system is a lot easier than you think. Here’s a link to AudioQuest’s computer audio tutorial.

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